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· Siraiki Rasm-ulkhat Ki Mukhtasar Tareekh (A Short History of Siraiki Orthography): This book has been written in Urdu and is a collection of some papers on the Siraiki script. It has views by some writers and a report by Siraiki Rasm-ulkhat Commitee. This book also contains my thoughts on this topic.

· Siraiki Zaban Da Rasm-ulkhat Tey Oundian Awazan ( Orthography of Siraiki Language and its Sounds ): This book has been written in Siraiki and considered one of my principal works. It explores origins of Siraiki language in Munda language i.e. Mundari. In this book, I have written profoundly on Siraiki historical linguistics along with phonetics.

· Siraiki Qa'eda(Siraiki Primier): This premier has been written in order to help in establishment of Siraiki script and sounds. It introduces five especial sounds of Siriaki language. It is also helpful to those people who desires to learn Siraiki language.

· Many influential papers have been written on this topic by me. These have been published in journals. Following the names of them:

1. Siraiki Tey Sindhi Da Lissani Ishtrak ( Linguistic Concern of Siraiki with Sindhi ).

2. Siraiki Tey Punjabi Dey Lissani Ikhtilafat ( Linguistic Difference of Siraiki and Punjabi ).

3. Siraiki Tey Blouchi Dey Lissani Rishtey ( Linguistic Relation of Siraiki with Blouchi ).


· Tulawarrey (Scales): This book has been written in Siraiki language. This is collection of my famous papers on criticism, existentialism, linguistics, Khawaja Ghulam Freed, Bulhey Shah, Sartre, Dr. Iqbal and M. Ismail Ahmedani. This book shows my variety of interesting and presents me as a critic.

· Marxi Nuqta-e-Nazar Aur Humara Adab (Marxian Point of View and Our Literature ): This booklet describes my thoughts about theoretical criticism and gives an account of Urdu and Siraiki literature.


· Sachchal Sarmast: This book contains Sachchal Sarmast's biography and a selection of his Siraiki poetry. It also has a critical appreciation and dictionary of his poetry. It has an English introduction of Sachchal Sarmast and his poetry written by Christopher Schacle, linguist and professor of modern languages of South Asia at University of London.

· Bedil Sindhi:This is collection of poetry composed by great Sindhi and Siraiki sufi poet Bedil Sindhi. There is a short biography of the poet in the book. I included critical remarks and glossory on Bedil's poetry. Dr. C. Schacle has written its English introduction.

· Hamal Laghari: Hamal Laghari was a Sindhi and Siraiki poet of Sindh. This book possesses biography, critical note and selection of Siraiki poetical work by H. Laghari.


· Siraiki Key Barey Mein Sawalo Jawab (Questions and Answers about Siraiki): The name of book poses its subject. It has been written in Urdu and not a text book. It discusses Siraiki nationalism, literature and language.


· Saza-e-Maut Kyun ? ( Why Death Penalty ? ): This is first book written in Urdu on this topic. I have tried to prove that death sentence is against philosophy of law. It has survey of capital punishment and movement against it in the world. It has been written about the situation and elimination of death sentence in South Asia.


· Du Qudam Ka Sathi (A Friend for Two Steps ):This is collection of Urdu poetry.

· Veghri Zindgi (Scattered Life ): This is a collection of Siraiki poetry composed by two young-died poets named A. L. Lutfan and Z. Khushter.