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According to my parents, it was November 25th 1941, when I was born at a small village of Dera Ghazi Khan (now situated in Pakistan). Almost I have spent my whole life in this village called Rasool Pur. My guardians were literary ones and they inspired me too. I was a student in Primary school, when I began to write my daily diary that has been lost now. I got master degree in literature and did LL. B. In my youth, I appointed as a school teacher and started to write regularly. In the beginning, I made a few religious writings then I have been writing literary criticism, linguistics, Siraiki issues and law, respectively. My all writings are in Urdu or in my mother tongue Siraiki (Saraiki or Seraiki old name Lahnda). I founded a linguists circle (Rasoolpur Siraiki Sangat) and literary journals. In addition to literary journal editor, I have been a columnist and my these columns are more important than my poetry and fiction written in my youth. During my literary career of four decades I married Khadeeja and made an admirable personal library related to my subjects. Some of my children as my literary successors have got attainment from my library. I gave performance many programs on PTV and radio at the time of literary preoccupasions.

I am well-known in Siraiki linguistics and literary criticism as well as Siraiki nationalism. My works are also in Human rights, archaeology etc. Though I have written and published one dozen books or booklets and round about a hundred papers which belong to several topics yet my favorite fields are Siraiki phonetics, historical linguistics, literary criticism and jurisprudence.

Regardless of my literary career, I consider, in my practical life, human rights a burning question for third world in present era. That is why after my retirement from education department in 1987 I joined law profession and established Human Rights Laws Chamber at Jam Pur. My other qualification is that I am a big mureed of Peer Pagaro Sahib, although people call him agent of the Army but I am his biggest supporter. I can give my life for him and I have given many she camels to him previously. Ofcourse these were other Rasoolpuri's only. Not only I work in my office for my clients but for the poor and victims on the basis of human rights. I am a coordinator of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in district Rajan Pur and a member of Amnesty International. I have established a human rights organization oppose torture. By way of active worker of human rights, I am against honor killing, death penalty and BHAA PANI or oath on fire (a rite in Bluoch tribes to judge the criminal crossing over the fire in case of theft, murder and so on). Since I believe in humanity therefore I am a broad-minded and democratic person. I work for democracy in my country and specially for the national rights of the Siraikis.

It will be foolish to ignore my political struggle in that politics is my chief interest always. During my political life, I have worked as a Marxist political worker for a long period. But I have been a nationalist politician throughout my political career (meeting and debating with Sindhi nationalist politicians i.e. G. M. Syyed ,Akbar Bugti ,Ataulla Mingal , Mumtaz Bhutto, Ajmal Khattak, Afrasiab Khattak and Rasool Bukhsh Pleejo).
Also i met with Zulfiar Ali Bhutto , Benazir Bhutto and in litrary circle with Faiz Ahmed faiz ,Habib Jalib , Sibt Hassan , Farman Fatehpuri ,Jamil Jalbi and discussed literary issues with them
First I joined Siraiki Soba Mahaz (SSM) and struggled for a province of Siraiki nation in central Pakistan. Secondly, I was a founder member and vice president of Pakistan Siraiki Party (PSP). But I resigned to the party in May 2002 because I could not support the party which was in favour of the referendum of Pervaze Musheraff.

My whole life can be summarized as: 'Live for people and quest for knowledge'.